Tips for Shoes
- Exchange of regular shoes, so they can 'breathe'.
Cleaning after each use by excess dust and earth road brushing -
- Never dry wet shoes by the stove or heater. Since heat can dry out the leather.
- Maintain your shoes regularly with a good cleaning agent.
- Use a shoehorn so 'kicking' of the heel is avoided.
- Use shoe trees to keep your shoes in the right model. Wooden tensioner also provide good moisture.
- Check your shoes regularly, so you can repair them in time to bring the authorized shoe repairer. Skew past soles or heels can be repaired. This prevents your own (bad) gait is enhanced.

Tips for taking care of your feet
- Wash your feet as little as possible with soap. You can wash as the acidity not go away and stay better protected against external influences. Feet
- Are you still soap when washing your feet, wash them well and after drying incremental or rather grease.
- The cleaning of the nails and nail walls is as important as cutting the nail.
- Avoid when cutting your nails cut around, especially the corners leave, this will prevent ingrown.
- Are the nail corners too sensitive or not cut, but ask expert help.
- Corns and calluses kernels (corns) are always the result of excessive or wrong press the appropriate place
- By grease or oil to lubricate calluses they feel less hard.
- Do you suffer from sweaty feet, wear cotton socks and leather shoes.
- Let your feet, if possible, as much as possible skies.
- Do you suffer, then there are several products to prevent foot odor.
- Take care when wearing your shoes, the heels not skewed wear; thus prevents that you strengthen your own (bad) gait.